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How Single Women Can Keep Warm in a Blizzard

There is something about the cold weather that could make a woman realize the good use of a warm body next to her. Every day up until this day, you were a strong and independent woman. Now that you’re snowed in and no place to go, you try to fight off feelings of loneliness and regret. It’s not that deep, shake it off, girl! Who needs a ‘bae’ anyway? All he can do for you is lay there looking incredibly sexy, enticing you to a day filled with wild, exhausting sex, whilst only getting up to refuel or bathroom breaks. Okay, I guess that would be nice. Unfortunately for you, maybe you didn’t recruit a snow day ‘bae’ and have no contact with outside world unless you dust off your shovel. So, here are a few ways you can keep yourself warm on a cold, lonely snow day.


Netflix and Chill


Who says you can’t Netflix and Chill by your damn self? Literally, turn on your Netflix and grab a chill glass of wine. Snow days are a great time to booze up. Let the warmth of the liquor soothe your solidarity, as you indulge in streaming your favorite shows or movies. You will be so mellow and entertained that the day will escape you.


Feel the Burn


Let the motivation of a sexy physique keep you toasty indoors. Pop in a workout DVD or find your favorite YouTube fitness video and sweat it out. Use this tactic to clear your mind and boost the endorphins to your brain. Your mind will be so occupied on your self and nothing else will matter.



Try a New Recipe


I know you’ve seen those Buzzfeed cooking videos on Facebook. A blizzard is a good excuse to indulge in a warm meal or snack. Why not try a new recipe? You’re’ probably thinking, “Oh yeah, getting fat will surely catch me a man.” Don’t the folks say, “More cushion for the pushin’.” Sorry, “no shade” ladies. I know there’s no pushing going on tonight in this snowstorm, but enjoy that meal girl!


Snuggle up and Update your Dating Profile


If you haven’t tried online dating yet, today is the day. Get courted right in the comforts of your bed. Clearly, now is a good time to recruit for a new man before the next snowstorm, if that’s where your interests lie. Don’t get caught out there next time, ladies! Prepare.



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