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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Ways to Get Over a Break Up

DON’T: Spray paint his car, bleach his clothes or dye his dog pink

DO: Take care of your own house cleaning. Wash your car, tidy up your house, and wash your clothes. A good way to start over after a relationship is to make sure the world around you is in order. For some reason having a clean home and clean clothes provides a clean slate to a messy break up. Rather than blasting out his car windows, try blasting some music and getting out your feather duster.

DON’T Keep in contact with him

DO: Move on! The best way to get over your ex is to continue talking and texting him every day, right? Wrong! You have to move on completely. Unless you want to spend time rehashing why you guys broke up and whose fault it is, I would suggest spending this time to focus on regrouping yourself. If you have hopes of rekindling your relationship, giving each other space would actually be great, in the sense that maybe you two needed a break to think about what you mean to one another.

DON’T: Jump in the bed with a previous ex.

DO: Keep your options open. Rather than staying in your comfort zone by hitting up an old fling, do the complete opposite. Start going out more, challenge your flirting skills, and enjoy being single. Nothing will get you ready to move on more than a new boo.

DON’T: Crying and Moping

DO: Forget he existed. Do everything in your power to think about other things, besides him. Get rid of anything that reminds you of him like his slippers, his favorite cereal, his facebook page, etc. Get rid of it all. Who needs a daily reminder of why he’s no longer in your life? Talk to one of your best girlfriends, eat a meal you enjoy, become more active, and just continue to live your life, because he certainly will move on with his own.

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