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DWSM Dating While on Social Media: 10 Rules of Survival

If you are single, dating or in a relationship, you can’t ignore the pressure that social media can put on your relationship status. Unless you give up social media all together, you must surrender to the drama that can unfold at the click of a button, double tap of the finger, or mindlessness of a post. Before Facebook or Instagram, there were certain things we didn’t have to worry about but now we have to be extremely careful about our actions.  At the same time, social media could be a life saver, since it enables you to find things that you would have blind to before the internet. So that I may help you wrestle your way through the social media dating game, here are a few rules of “social dating” you may want to consider.

 Use Social Media for Investigative Purposes

Let’s call it like it is, and admit women are natural detectives. If you drop a crumb, we will find the original cookie. Social media is for the public, therefore so are his posts. The great thing about the internet is it can get help you make a five minute decision about a man that you’re dating, rather than taking five months to figure him out.

You are What You Post

Beware of inappropriate behavior on the gram. Just like you may have trouble being hired because of your twerking skills, you definitely won’t find a husband doing that either. If the person you’re dating might not boast it, do not post it!

We All Have Exes, Don’t Dwell on His

If you really think you’re the only one he has ever dated, then you may be lost cause. You may find yourself scrolling down his Instagram a few weeks before you knew him, and chances are you will find him slapping a stripper’s buttocks or kissing on an old love. The possibilities are endless. Prepare yourself to understand, accept, and move on. Focus on now.

Don’t Bully Women Under his Pictures

Keep it classy. Take this advice from someone who has had many cyber fights in her day. Responding to women who admire your man under his photos is a bad decision. You will definitely end up displaying a side of yourself you won’t be able to dignify.

When You Post Pictures of Him, Don’t @ Him (Girls are shady)

When you @ your boyfriend on Instagram, you’re serving him up on a platter for all girls to know he’s your man. Although, you are just displaying your adoration for your boyfriend, you may be inviting jealous women who want what you have and will try to sabotage your relationship. I’m not advising you to be paranoid, but “these hoes ain’t loyal.”

Don’t Post a “US-ie” Before He Does

Posting a picture of you two before he does is the equivalent of being the first one to say “I Love You.” Needless to say, this is serious territory. Also, don’t post this picture unless you are secure in your relationship. At the chance that he doesn’t like or comment under the picture, you will be left feeling vulnerable. On another note, don’t post a picture of you and your not-quite-your-man, unless you’re prepared to receive an unfriendly text exclaiming, “Take that down now!”

Think Before Making it Facebook Official

As soon as you post your status on Facebook, it puts a hex on your relationship. Well, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. Your status online puts an added pressure to your relationship. Not only do you have to make your union seem like roses and butterflies for your family and friends, now you have to smile and cheer in front of a virtual audience. Certainly it isn’t anyone’s business, but there still lies the silent demand to pretend your relationship is perfect.

Try Not to Insta-stalk his Instagram

Again, take it from me I learned a lesson from my tales of extreme snooping. Don’t do it, you’ll go nuts! Watching his every post, comment, and like will have drawing conclusions that end up being so irrational. You start timing your texts to his posts, to see how long it takes him to respond. Let’s just say you’ve taken it too far if you have a secret account just so you can keep two eyes on him without him knowing.

Don’t Get Caught

We all have skeletons in our closet, including crazy ex-boyfriends. Crazy ex-boyfriends who so happens to be desperately in love with you, and whom you sometimes keep in contact. Whatever you do, don’t slip up and reveal your passwords or leave your accounts logged into for your lover to have in his possession. Consider social media to be your secret diary that you happened to forget the key (password) right on top of the cover. Big mistake! Protect your skeletons.

Break Up Quietly (and Gracefully)

There’s no need to broadcast your breakup all over social media. Everyone doesn’t have to know he cheated on you with your best friend nor does everyone need to know how much you cry yourself to sleep at night. Stay away from your keyboard or post it button when going through a breakup. At the very least, show him how much you don’t care.

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