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5 Ways to Purge Your Life

Like our closets, every so often we need to look deeper into our lives and throw out things we no longer need or cannot ‘fit’ into anymore. We walk through life ignoring major factors that might be hindering our own growth, like bad habits, bad jobs, or bad people. Unfortunately for you, negativity doesn’t decide one day and say “Hey, maybe she deserves a break. I’ll leave her alone.” It just won’t happen. Here are some ways you can take action and clean out the junk in your life.

  1. Make a list of things that make you happy

It could be super hard to know what to throw away (forever), so why not think of some things you can’t get through the week or month without. Think of all the people, objects, or moments that bring you enjoyment. Anything other than enjoyment, gets the chopping block. For example, you can start by unfollowing any pages or people on Social media that makes you upset, sad, or gets on your last nerve. I find that writing things down helps to make ideas or tasks reality, instead of just a wavering thought. Put pen to paper and thoughtfully write all of the positive points of your life and keep yourself aligned with this list in your day to day.

  1. Get rid of negative men

Now this is the fun part! Have a party with the ‘Block’ button. If a new guy never seems to start conversation past “How you doing” or “what you doing” …block him. An ex-boyfriend who didn’t treat you well before, and still texting you now? Block him! Don’t keep around any man who isn’t adding value to your day. I promise you the benefit of silence after blocking a loser will change your outlook. You didn’t need him, girl.

  1. Drop negative friends

I know Drake told you “No new friends”, but you may want to revisit this rule. Check your ‘friend inventory” and gently cut a few, loose strings. There are some people we keep in our lives out of a warped sense of complacency or fear of confrontation. A notion to consider would be whether you feel fulfilled from your friendship or is the relationship one-sided. A friend should be a place of comfort, but when it gets to the point where it could be emotionally draining or volatile, then you should consider taking a break or ending the friendship altogether. While this action is not an easy one, it could be necessary for your own happiness.

  1. When a Job is a job…

Don’t expect me to tell you to quit today, because I don’t want you to come back crying to me. However, at the very least think about what is making you unhappy at your job. Is it something that can be handled or is it a futile situation? You may not like your coworkers, hate your manager, or you are not getting enough money. First, you need to consider is there something you can change, such as working harder towards a raise or focusing on developing stronger relationships with the people you work with. Before deciding to leave a job, try to do everything you can to improve your situation while you are with the company. However, if you’ve come to the end of the road,  then it’s time to find out what you are looking for in your career that will bring you satisfaction and move on. Who says that you are married to one job or one career path?

  1. May need to literally clean your living space

When your living environment is clean, then your mind can be clean. Literally, having a lot of clutter and chaos in your home effects your psyche. Choose a weekend to tackle every room in your home and get rid of old unused items, dust shelves, clean under the bed, and everything else in between. It’s a large task, but well worth it. Maybe even consider splurging on hiring a cleaning company to get that huge head start. Bottom line, finding the Zen in your life starts from yourself and your home.

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