5 Signs He May Have a Small ‘One’

By Tammy Oh | Girl, Plz, Just 4 Laughs

Ever wondered what could be worse than getting a root canal? Well, how about waiting months upon months to have sex with a guy and you find out he has a small ding dong. Imagine starving for food and you look in the refrigerator, only to find there is nothing to munch on. The discovery of a small penis will have you crying in the corner reflecting on your past…your future… your hopes and dreams. I would say that all women have about four basic wants in a prospective boyfriend: nice job, nice looking, nice car, and nice penis. However, we all know a big penis trumps about two or three of those wants on our list. No, every man can’t have the “king of the jungle” waiting for you in his pants, but you must admit there is a part of you hoping to find one every time. Dealing with a guy with a small one is very sensitive territory and you don’t want to risk the chance of hurting his feelings. Trust me, you are not the first one to discover his “thing” is tiny. He knows, his ex-girlfriends know, and now, you know. Don’t make him feel like a spectacle. If you don’t discover his little friend until you are in the heat of the moment, it‘s too late for you, but for the rest of us there may actually be signs that reveal his “shortcomings” before needing to reach out to the SWAT (Small Weiner Avoidance Team.)  At the very least, its nice to be able to prepare yourself for the possibility (big or small.) Hey guys this is just for  laughs. We all can be loved and desired by someone.

He is the “Relationship Guy”

In some cases, guys with small penises use relationships as crutches. They think that maybe if they are a really, really good boyfriend it will distract from his absentee penis. They take you on shopping sprees, cook you dinner every night, rub your feet and wash your clothes, all in the hopes that he will keep you around. However, he is deemed the “relationship guy” because he is always bouncing from relationship to relationship. Why? Well, let’s be honest. Think about the guy that you just can’t seem to get over. He was good in bed, wasn’t he? Exactly. The guy who is genitally challenged finds it hard to keep the women around.

All of His Exes Cheated on Him

Women cheat for one reason: she feels neglected. Either she feels neglected emotionally or sexually, and sometimes if the sex is good enough, the emotional factor can be omitted. After talking to a new suitor and you realize that all of his stories about his exes involve being cheating on, you may just be talking to a “Small Dick Tracy.” You’ll know if he has a really small ‘wang‘, if not only did she cheat on him, but with his best friend! Whether that is true or not, if all his exes cheated on him in the past, that definitely poses as a red flag.

He doesn’t Press You For Sex

Ever thought the man you were dating was such a gentleman, because he never dared ask you for sex? However, after a few months of being a gentleman, you were dying and pleading for him to ravage you like a beastly man. The small dick man has no problem withholding from sex, and can be famously quoted for saying “A gentleman never asks.” Even, when you are in a relationship with him and you’ve already seen what he has to offer, he still might hold back. Some guys are too embarrassed to whip it out and continuously feel inadequate. Hey, if you are a still around, try to make him feel more at ease, which will require you to initiate every time.

He’s the Bitch in the Relationship

As a rule of thumb, I’d say the smaller the penis, the bigger the emotions. Commonly, a man’s penis is so small, he starts to grow a vagina. Not really but, he’s fights so hard to maintain his manhood, his emotions start to fluctuate  and become irrational like he is on his period. Needless to say, the more unsatisfied you feel in the bedroom, you, the woman, has now become the man. You find yourself setting the rules, being the boss, and being insensitive to his feelings. Again no one pays me to make these assumptions, but I believe the bigger the penis the stronger the control on the household. However, when there are no penises present, the woman naturally takes the lead.

He’s a Oral Overachiever

Cutting straight to the point, men who aren’t well endowed in the pants, tend to be great at head. For example, people who have lost their eye sight, tend to have superb auditory skills. Well, the same goes for these types of guys. At times, all he may want to do is orally satisfy you, and then he is done, which is definitely a warning sign when first dating a guy. So, if in the first months he just ‘mouths you down’ and that’s it, you may have ran into ‘Mr. Smalls’. He’s using his tongue as a distraction, but don’t worry, that oral voodoo will tend to wear off.

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68 Responses to 5 Signs He May Have a Small ‘One’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog! “The smaller the penis the bigger the emotions.” lol

    • TataBeha says:

      This Article is Spot On! and To all the guys being sensitive and get angry, you have just Proven this True… (*ps, same with members who have Noooo Idea what they are doing.)

      • Frank says:

        I’m an emotional guy I’m packing 9 1/2 to 10 I’ve slept with around 300 women in my man whoreing days. I know I have a big dick and I’m told I fuck hard. Once I put a girl in the hospital because I pulled her back muscles due to bending JH er like a pretzel and smashing it into oblivion. So you are wrong. It’s been 3 years since I had any mostly by choice. The main reason is because I know through personal experience whatt sluts women are and therefore now t hat through first-hand experience they have told me the reason they w a s only wanting to fuck was only because I had a big dick and would s 100%dominate try hem roughly and they knew that from their friends. So for all u chicks I look be you and your pussy but all women are sluts through personal experience can I call b******* on this! Women are just whores and they just don’t want to admit it!

      • Rayce says:

        all this proves is women are more obsessed than men about penis size

  2. says:

    I swear to God… “His penis is so small it starts to become a vagina.” is the worst most hilarious statement of this century untill you get to “mouths you down”! You are a hilarious a-hole, and a genius. I think the ladies will feel you twice over on this one. I know that there are men that won’t like it but hey you can’t please everyone right? hahahahaha! I’m still laughin’

    • calvin says:

      I’m nice I have a tiny dick and a lot of emotions so that all sounds very accurate.

      • Swapnil says:

        Ok this is absurd. You made wayyyyy toomany presumptions while writing this article. And although this might be true in your case, its still a generalization. I have a 6.5″ penis with an above average girth. I CAN NOT have sex with a woman unless I go down on her first. Going down on a woman is more than just an act of ‘giving’ for me. It gets my engine revving. I dunno it could be the scent or the pheromones but w.e it dsnt really matter.

    • Alex says:

      I have a small penis and do fit most of this list. Remember though, the fact that men put effort into oral sex and relationships can be really good. I’ve had good experiences but yes I’ve had girlfriends who were penetrated by other men or had lesbian experiences while dating me.

  3. Lara says:

    I’ve dated guys with small weiners and guys with big ones. And those attributes can apply to both. If a small dicked guy is all of those, her would be perfect other than the size of his package. But unfortunately you are wrong.

  4. jawn says:

    Haha, oh dear.

  5. dp85 says:

    Well, as long as you know that it works exactly the same with girls and their looks in general, then it’s all good.

  6. Rhandzu says:

    Can’t i be satiafies by a small penis, i mean does it mean i need to leave a good looking man who has it all but a small penis just because of that one shortcoming?

  7. Bryan says:

    I guess this makes sense…i have a little 5″ dick when I’m erect…and I fit all those categories…

  8. J says:

    As a guy with a small penis I guess I should just put a fucking bullet in my head.

  9. Bryan says:

    I am a guy with a “little one” too… 5″ when hard and maybe 3″ when soft…and I fit all these categories…and I’m VERY tall to throw you ladies off even more…I realized I was small after I was cheated on several times…she told me “I want a MAN in my life, not a little boy”. I moved back in with my Mom after that…i don’t date right now…I actually ran into her and her new “hung” guy at a restaurant…embarrassingly enough I was with my Mom…she had a big grin on her face and I knew she was laughing all the way home with her MAN : (

  10. michael says:

    I think this is false. I have always kind of been a relationship guy I am good at oral, I sometimes can be very emotional, ive had girls cheat on me AND I really don’t push for sex ALL the time… sometimes I do….

    with that being said
    I have almost an 8 inch dick that is not bad in thickness either…..
    so I think this is all bs

    • Ashley says:

      I’ve had a booty call with a giant dick that I had to remove from my booty call list cause he didn’t know how to handle it. In and out bangbangbang is not everything. I’ve slept with guys with big dicks, who didn’t want a relationship, naturally because they wanted to sleep with as many girls as possible with their giant dick, but hey, they were amazing with their dick and I still dream about it, but as a girl you could forget about anything oral happening other than you (the girl) sucking his giant dick. Anyhow, I don’t think this is bs. If you know how to satisfy a woman with your big dick, you shouldn’t have a problem being cheated on, if you do, then you have to work on your fucking skills. 🙂

      • Jax says:

        @Ashley & michael
        In the end, bitches will be bitches.

        Who doesn’t have a problem being cheated on?

        I’ve personally never been cheated on but I would have huge problem with it.

  11. Sofia says:

    come on! A guy with a small penis isn’t exactly the end of the world (as long as it’s not extremely small)
    I’ve been with guys who had big penises and they were complete jerks and morons, perhaps because they felt so confident
    Honestly I prefer a guy with a smaller one that doesn’t behave like an animal.
    I had enough bad experiences

  12. Bridie says:

    There is nothing worse than a tiny penis, I have had two. One, really hot guy, told me his girlfriends always seem to leave him after sex. (gee, I wonder why?) The next one, was a movie director, super nice, but my god, I could not feel a damn thing. Also, it’s too boyish and that’s dang sick.. I like a new guy and I’m kinda worried as he’s a virgin, he’s 32 and says it’s because he’s Catholic. Well, we shall see :/

  13. Tim says:

    Not sure about the other 3, but as a guy with a tiny one…I can attest to 2 and 5 🙂

  14. Molly says:

    One of the most accurate articles I’ve read online, especially the “He’s the Bitch in the Relationship” section. Very rare that you get a woman who tells the truth about it, but it’s fantastic to see.

    I’ve dated a number of men over the years, and a number of your assumptions are just too true. Small dick men are more emotional, and yes, some of them are soooo small that they start to grow into vaginas. It’s a confidence issue that unfortunately stems back to when they were children: “You’re gonna grow into a man. The man is strong, powerful, and the dominant figure in society.” Then, unfortunately, they realize that dominance is relative to other men, so they start getting more and more self-conscious until, eventually, they start acting like women.

    “The bigger the penis, the stronger the control on the household” is absolutely true, and it’s another that deals with confidence. A big dick man has the confidence that enables him to be dominant over you; he knows he’s in charge, and he knows that you’re aware of it. He doesn’t have to oral achieve because he knows that I’m gonna be able to feel him. A small dick man doesn’t know that, and as such he’s basically powerless over you. If the man doesn’t control you, then he’s not a man, and he doesn’t have a penis. And, just as you said, “when there are no penises present, the woman naturally takes the lead.” Brilliant article.

  15. says:

    ” You’ll know if he has a really small ‘wang‘, if not only did she cheat on him, but with his best friend! ” YEP everything in this article so true ! LOL

  16. Zach says:

    This is a horrible list of reasons some of these are qualities .doing things w her other then sex means I have a small penis?. just because you have a big dick dosnt mean you have to be one. + there are many other ways for a small dicked man to find good sex with out size queens it’s absolutely ridiculous how this particular fetish has grown to be not only hurtful to average to small males but untrue.

  17. Kathryn says:

    My boyfriend is fortunately an exception to this rule. He is every single one of these things but he does not a have small one, thank God. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if it were smaller but men are SO sensitive about the size of their penises! Seriously, men aren’t even satisfied with being average sized anymore…it’s big or nothing. My bf is above 7 inches and he is still extremely self-conscious about his size. perhaps he’s just very insecure–idk–but it’s so annoying.

  18. Truth Hurts says:

    I am a black man with a small one and this blog stings even more for me because it’s 90% true. I’ve either been through or am going through all these things. Being black and having a small dick is and has been a living hell. Im a 6incher and it’s not thick either which in the mind of women (especially black) is the equivalent of nothing and us small dicked men get treated like nothing. S.D. (small dicked) men have the same experience of stress, embarrassment, shy, sad and shameful experiences. You ARE dehumanized to the point to where you begin to question God’s existence and with some dudes suicidal thoughts. But you left out a few others:

    1. If he is a handsome guy with an unattractive woman or has a long track record of dating ugly women.

    2. All of his ex girlfriends were promiscuous women

    3. He doesn’t care for head and if so he doesn’t want you to use your hands.

    **Bonus** If your gf wants you to do all this over the top four play etc. ALL the time or jumps at the chance for anal.

    I could literally give you a 100 more but you can understand our misery. I went the whole pretending to not care that my dick size was the cause of me being cheated on ruthlessly or the reason a girl has no problem with letting go. It’s as if we were put on this earth to eat pussy, get cheated on, date women who are always “tired” or have a “headache ” when it’s time to get down to business. My experiences with women are the polar opposite of my friends who are blessed who have OPTIONS andCHOICES other than whoever is desperate or using you for money. I will say that me being honest with myself over the years is just to take it and accepts it as “There are people who can walk so I guess I should be more apappreciative. “………….yeah. thats the best that I can do. But it’s been therapeutic reading this and I thank you. It was ridicule but definitely funny and true

  19. Truth Hurts says:

    ……..and one other thing. As a small dicked black man you get tired of all your ex girlfriends wanting to go out of there way to be friends after they left or broke up with you because little dick guys really are great people from being humbled. It is the bane of our existence to have to repeatedly go through the same’ break-up-with-me-1st-and-befriend-me-later-so-we-can talk & laugh while your in your car on the way to your new guy’s house routine. It’s insulting and I can only say that because if a guy didn’t wanna date a girl because he felt her ass was too flat…….but STILL wanted to befriend her after cheating on her with his current gf “big booty judy” than it would be a problem. Also, little dicked men are great listeners. When the guy a girl really wants to be banging doesn’t text because he’s busy she knows she can actually CALL the little dicked guy and he’ll entertain the convo. He HAS too almost. Finally I pray and hope that one day women will learn to not SAY a WORD about how big a small man’s penis is if she hopes to even have him pretend to think that he is giving her pleasure. He might move and groove but if he is a small man and u say how big or how deep you can feel it than he is going to immediately know the jig is up. Thats when the fights really start to be honest because you are disappointed from the nothing you felt during sex and he is saying to himself “here we go with this shit again. I wonder how long this will last?” It’s worse enough women over exaggerate the size of a small one as much as a big one. What I’ve grown to learn is that a woman’s visual measurements are multiplied or subtracted when it comes to the actual measurements of a man’s penis. If he is 6 inches and its skinny then that apparently means “honest to God it was 2.5 inches long and as thick as my finger girl!!!!!” (True Story BtW) and if its 7 or more but fat than that can change to his dick being a third leg. Finally for any of you women out there who wanna weed out the small men before dating them then just talk about how you LOVE big cocks. They will dissappear from that conversation faster than a hooker from church.

    • real n1g says:

      damn bro you really sound like a b1ch grow some balls. Damn shame society turns men like this into females. act like a man you wasnt born a female.

      • Big dick man says:

        Why would you disrespect his honesty? Fuck the ‘macho’ complex.

        My dick is 6.2 inches long erect and 4.7 inches around.

        Confidence shouldn’t come from your dick, it should come from within, when you believe in yourself contrary to consensus reality. I’m glad I wasn’t born with a huge dick for that reason included.

        It’s not to say that I don’t realize a penis should (to please a women vaginaly) be at least 5 inches as vaginas are 5 inches up. But any longer that 7 is stupid in my opinion. Where’s it going? She’s just in pain lol.

        I get women wet, they orgasm and I’m not the thickest or the longest and I do just fine. It’s not as important to have a ‘big dick’ as people think. It will hurt women.

        Now for me controlling women I do agree somewhat, but my dick doesn’t influence my strength, my mind does.

        I have a very powerful character because I believe in myself.

        To guys out there who may be struggling with this stupid dick shit, believe in yourself and accept what you have. If you want to make it longer and thicker, get a bathmate or an extender. But always accept you, fuck the low life’s that make out penis size is everything. If that’s the case then go and fuck a horse lol.

        Peace…..fuck your complex

        • Harzavier says:

          Wow, that was absolutely breathtakingly true what you said. I’m a 40 yo “black man” and have always had a small penis. I’ve had several meaningful relationships where love and respect was present. And, not that I know of or can prove, I hadn’t been cheated on. However, it’s always been my own inner- embarrassment and feelings of insufficiency, that have caused me to always be jn a state of disconnect, showing nonchalance to the status of the relationships as I’ve always walked in pins and needles, feeling and constantly replaying scenarios over again, of my lady/ladies cheating on me with guys that actually are “well endowed” according to statistical standards. The shit has literally eaten at my mind since a teenager, wondering if I’d ever be capable of maintaining a consistent and progressive relationship with a woman. Well, I’m now four years into marriage with the love of my life, who’s very quiet, beautiful, understanding, compassionate, empathic, and respectful… but it’s still always in the back of my mind that she may be or may have, cheated on me with a male stud who is more endowed and can totally satisfy her sexual needs and desires. I’ll be honest.. The shit hurts my mind like a steel toe boot, kick in the balls. I personally Believe that much of a man’s self confidence is based on his penis size, though most men will never admit it. There’s just something that tells us that we need to be bigger. I’ve even heard numerous stories of guys with big dicks, still not being satisfied with their sizs, and wanting to go larger, to the point of obsessing over it. That’s very ironic, because it’s the same thing for men with smaller penises. The struggle is real! It’s something that so many people have no clue of. This ia yet another reason why I question the existence of “God”. Nor to mention that I lost a son back in 2001, who passed away at 1 mo. and 17 days old, born prematurely, with a cleft lip and palate, and an imperforate anus among other things,… So, naturally and common sensibly, it FORCED me to question how such a “loving, benevolent, gracious,, Omnipotent and Almighty PERFECT god, who “makes no mistakes”, could or would allow such unfortunate atrocity to fall upon my innocent child. It reminded me of myself, and how I’d been drastically skipped over in the “manhood” department of sexual anatomy. This crazy shit still boggles my busy mind to this very day. Therefore, I figure that either “God” does not exist in such the context that we’ve been taught… Or otherwise, clearly, he isn’t perfect and has made many mistakes. I’m just ‘sayin…

  20. Pete says:

    You should be sure you don’t misinterpret shyness for having a small one. Also I noticed that girls often think if they offer sex to a guy he would directly jump at them. We also have standards and needs, and if we feel we are just there to please then this isn’t really attractive.

    I am what is considered big (not going to say the exact number but it’s in the upper 2%) and I don’t really like when a girl treats me like I am some toy. For that the bragging about my body would have to be really really strong to convince me enough to be just seen as a dick.

  21. Anonymous, surprise surprise says:

    It’s a good thing you wrote “Hey guys this is just for laughs. We all can be loved and desired by someone.” Otherwise the mean and crushing things you wrote would make men feel worse about themselves. Your article is reinforcing harmful stereotypes, namely that women aren’t funny. I’ve met many women who are nice, funny, and have more than a shallow attraction to men and are interested in the actual person they are dating. If you have a size limit that’s fine, just make sure to say something sooner rather than later.

    • Tammy Oh says:

      Although, my intentions aren’t to cause harm to anyones self esteem, I do understand your position. In fact, I have no qualms with writing an article such as “5 ways Size Doesn’t Matter”. Like i said we all are different, and there is love for everyone. So To be announced…

  22. Sjohnson says:

    This is the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Bravo.
    Whether or not there is truth to it, I haven’t a clue, but thank you, hilarious!

  23. why says:

    I hate having a little dick I been with a lot of girls but I always wonder why I never had a girlfriend I used to think like im a cool person look nice and every girl I do get like me a lot they don’t complain about my sex but I know there just being nice cause I am, or they don’t complain cause I paid to get they nails done or shit like that lol its funny cause I can be a player and be cool with it but I want me a girlfriend then I read this and all the comments like DAM a lot of this shit true I am the relationship type I don’t ask for sex all the time knowing I want that shit but be shy cause of my size I know if I had a nice size dick then I will be almost perfect and confident lol have you ever been in a room full of girls and everybody wanna play freaky games for example truth or dare I kept picking true so one of the girls wont dare me to show my dick they be looking like your playing the game all wrong. I think girls don’t know or think I got a little dick cause since I was a kid I always wanted to be a man when I be around women I act and think like the man most women want I could never be the bitch in the relationship and I never ate pussy but when its time for me to ask for sex that’s when I start feeling like a little boy cause I be shy then I start thinking all the wrong things like everything is going good what if she see my dick then be like im too small for her then tell her friends and it get back to the people I know.. the reason why im on here cause I just had a girl over here yesterday everything was good she brought some weed for us to smoke she was telling me how she wanted a boyfriend then we had sex but when she got on top of me and start riding I cam fast and it felt like we didn’t do nothing cause she didn’t go up and down I can tell she was mad she got up cool but she left out fast and I know it was because of what happened… its like aint no hope either you can be cool with having sex with different women if you can, or always be waiting for that one who will accept you and your flaw and it seem like she hard to find and after reading this blog and comments if you got a little dick you might live lonely its like you can have sex but you wont have a life long partner…WHY…

  24. Lulu says:

    the guy I have a crush on I have this feeling he has a small penis. He fits all of these descriptions plus one time he told me he was circumsized. Well no one is perfect lol

  25. question says:

    Why do girls who have boyfriends with big dicks keep cheating on them with me, they tell me their boyfriend has it bigger but they keep coming back for more o_O

  26. Graves says:

    I really dislike this entire page, it saddens me. It is a mecca of men who have reached a very frustrated and vulnerable state, who were searching alone behind closed doors; either for answers, a place to vent, or to simply wallow in the very words of what they fear and hate.

    I don’t think I’m wrong in that assumption. The men who either aren’t afflicted with a small penis, or aren’t distraught about it, are few and far between in the comments.

    Well guys, I too am “small.” That’s how I ended up here, and how I figure most of you guys did too. However, looking at this article and these comments, I now realize my error.

    Firstly, I’d like to express how much I disagree with this article. I am not usually an emotional person.
    I am also not a very social person in general, however, I am not “shy” as in I do not shy away from any sort of confrontation. When I am social, I always put myself in an alpha male position. It’s not because I want to be looked up to, or be a “man,” it’s because I hate people for their stupid ways of thinking (i.e. This entire article and comments section) and I refuse to follow any of you. The social hierarchy ingrained in humans is disgusting to me, and I am ashamed of my species for not having the ability to see past it because of their own ignorance. Drop your ridiculous complexes, because they have no real value. We will all be dead before we know it, don’t hold on to this petty shit.

    My advice to other men out there is, if you have to get angry, don’t do it to your damn self. If you are trying to be seen as a “man,” it is basically suicide to inflect all of these feelings. You have to be be a “man” despite your small penis if you want to be one at all, that is a fact. Channeling your anger and frustration outward, that is the key, and you know why? The intensity of what you feel, even though negative, is a bubbling cauldron of fuel that the majority of people to not have to draw from. Those born with power, wealth, or in this case, a big dick, have no idea what it is like to be so deprived and hungry that you feel you may explode. All I’m saying is that you need to channel it outward, and not go through life self destructing and wallowing in the aftermath until it’s time to do it again. Use that fuel to find the strength to change what you can. Don’t die grasping to the things you can’t.

    I believe any female would agree with me that having the ability to do that, given any situation, is the real ability to be a “man.” Anyone can, and anyone has, been born lucky. There is no “manliness” in having things provided for you. (There is a certain level of comfort, which goes hand in hand with confidence however.)

    As of right now, unless you go through surgery or other drastically medical measures, you are stuck with the penis you were born with. Don’t waste your life, or even one more minute, reopening that wound. If you want to be happy, you have to leave it. Let it heal. The scar will always be there, but that is a sign of strength. You endured the pain that some will never even know, and you moved past it. That’s something you will always have over them. Let them be confident with their comforts of fortune and inheritance, and go into the world and TAKE your own. That is the value of a man. Not what he has, but what he has made.

  27. Lindo says:

    Small Dick big Dick doesn’t matter aslong as I cum I’m good

  28. Janon says:

    Wow… This nasty piece of work, and the flood of supportive comments, makes me really wonder about the times Ive given guys shit for being misogynist assholes

    Good job directly targeting people who already hate themselves and making them feel even less human, while at the same time glorifying the kind of abusive player asshole personality women claim to hate.

  29. Blame me says:

    I am 5″ long and 4″ circumference. For the most part sex gets better with each relationship because of experience. But the last relationship the girl was extremely tight and the sex was amazing because of that and that fact that we had a chemistry. I ended it though because well she was annoying, and I prefer to spend time with people who are not annoying. But I realized that this is what sex must like for average or bigger guys. At first it was exciting to know that there was a girl out there that was a good fit. But it’s also discouraging because she was one in many. And now whenever I see a woman my first thought is “I wonder if she has a tight vagina?” Where as before I used to look at a woman and wonder what makes her laugh or what fascinates her. Now and the more I read about what woman really think it makes me wish I would have always taken my high school friends advice about women. Just fuck them. Don’t think about impressing them or inspiring them. Fuck them and then go fishing. So to read these sad stories where a girl gets all excited by the perfect new man in her life and then is completely deflated because she finds out his penis isn’t big enough is relateable to me now. I guess it’s time for equal pay for women. Considering we are all equally money hungry sex addicts with nothing to give other than money and nothing to take but our own pleasure.

  30. Stan says:

    So, conversely, can you maybe do a “5 Signs She May Have Vaginismus” (for us guys who are larger than average)? I am very well-endowed, and there’s nothing worse than wasting my time on a woman who can’t handle my penis size during sex. I understand that it is not a common condition, but I’ve encountered 7 women to-date who appeared to have this condition and in two of the instances, it always ended in frustration (on my part, at least) and ruined what could have been very meaningful relationships. I would have appreciated if they were more forthcoming about it before we ever engaged in sexual activity, but none of them even mentioned it to me before sex, not even once.

    So how about it? Thanks!

    It might not be her fault, but I shouldn’t have to be made to look like the bad guy just because I don’t want to be with a woman who is physically incapable of having penetrative sex.

  31. Wtfever says:

    I have a small dick and I fit none of these. That being said I don’t get alot of ass, haven’t been in very many relationships, and rarely seek it out. I do enjoy fighting, and nothing makes me happier than beating mr. Lady’s man within an inch of his life. Not that I’m bigger or stronger but there tends to be a correlation between dick size and intelligence. Intelligence is also how you beat this dick shaming game that women play. Women are often so obsessed with their own shortcomings that it’s just too easy to belittle them. Just make sure you know their insecurities. Before they know it your dick size is the only thing they can say to make them feel better about themselves.

  32. Nelson says:

    Good to see women finally being honest. Size doss matter, and any woman that says otherwise is lying to protect someone. There isn’t a woman alive who would turn down a big one if given the choice. More of you need to admit that to yourselves, and stop lying. And for the record, the “big” conversation starts at 9″.

  33. curleq27 says:

    OK, I read the article and as comical as it is, I can say that I have had lovers that were well-endowed and ones that were not at all. I had very pleasurable experiences with both. I think a lot of the problem is women understanding their bodies and recognizing different types of orgasms, and blaming small dick for bad sex when the tightness of their vagina is somewhat to blame. When your shit is intact, the size of the penis is less relevant. G-spot orgasms can be achieved in multiples with shorter/thinner penises; leaving you fully satisfied. I truly believe it’s how he uses what he has and how much friction she provides.

  34. Tania says:

    As a woman I feel compelled to leave a comment on this article. If the aim of this article was to make people laugh, then it failed miserably with me.
    I believe people in general (and especially women) should stop reinforcing stereotypes like “the smaller the penis, the bigger the emotions”. It makes it feel like a guy has to be a player (or some kind of jerk) in order to be manly.
    My boyfriend of two years is the nicest guy I know, is definitely the “relationship guy”, already got cheated on, and has no problem showing his emotions. And guess what, he has the most amazing penis ever. Not only it’s big, but he knows exactly how to use it. And I feel like I hit the lottery every single time I see him.

  35. Jeff says:

    The first part of this made me cry. Nobody is willing to love me because of my small penis, it’s all great until they see it and then they leave for something I can’t control. I was feeling down about this and then I stumbled across this =(

    Oh well.

  36. BigDickBryan says:

    So, I can’t be emotional and have a good relationship with a girl if I’ve got a big dick? Sounds terrible. I’d rather have a tiny pecker IMO. Those guys with micro-cocks are really living the life, instead of this cold desolate paradise us big dickers live in.

  37. Jonny says:

    This article is nothing more than entertainment…and not very good entertainment if you ask me. I don’t have a ‘huge’ dick nor do I have a small one (7″). I personally love having oral sex with my partner…and couldn’t think of a better was to start when we have sex, we would do this close to every day. (I know she appreciates the attention). I like to cook, want a relationship, never been cheated on and have always satisfied the women I have slept with. I know mates that have small & large dicks and this article missed the mark for both. Let’s not let something so pathetic get you down…boys learn how to use what you have (practice makes perfect) please your lady and she will do the same for you!

  38. cuckhold says:

    And of course we guys with small packages are emotional. When you have ruined 10 pairs of shoes in last 2 years by trying to pee out in front of them only to end up with wet feet.

  39. Coldasice says:

    I would have given this article a 10/10 of it wasnt for this line: “Hey guys this is just for laughs. We all can be loved and desired by someone”. Ugh i mean come on, this was so good! Why would you throw a wrench in it by lying (blatently) like that. Im just saying, ive read soooooo many bullshit articles of people lying to men (and themselves) with that crap line ‘size doesnt matter. Cmon now, lets cut the crap. We ALL know the truth whether you wanna admit it or not. Size is number fukin one lol. Sure if all he can do is pump in and out hes worthless but lets be real, if its anything less than a solid 7″, just pack that package up and go home lmao.

    Really though, aside from that silly ‘cover your ass’ line this article was grade A great. Practically the only honest to goodness article for this subject on the net. Well i suppose there is _some_ truth to that line. A girl who has never had bigger or a girl who is too gross to get better will settle for a teenie weenie hahaha 😛

    • Coldasice says:

      Alright, finished reading the comments so ill clear a couple things up. First girth os super important, pencil dicks are as bad as micro dicks.

      Second, even im not so much of a bitch that i want these guys to off themselves. Listen, even if you got a worthless lil pecker you dont need to die. Sure youll never have REAL sex, but you can still have fun. Go hang gliding, or race cars or whatever you think is fun. Have fun the way you did before your balls dropped. O know itll prolly be tough but… Yeah youll never be a MAN, but you can still have fun as a boy, kay?

  40. Jose says:

    I have a small dick but I have been the one to cheat on every single gf I’ve had and I’m good at oral not because I have a small dick but but because I was able to practice on someone that has a very clean very mellow scent. Most women have a horrible smell down there and is not pleasing to us men. Sorry but it’s the truth. So for us men finding a women like that is like you finding a big one “rare”. I think this post relates to men with micro penis or some shit because even if my dick was smaller I would not hesitate to fuck the next one who put out. Also, I was only cheated on because i got caught a lot of times and never really hid that fact. I also think this has something to do with race as well cuz I’m a small dick slinging Mexican that gives a fuck what you women think, I’m getting mine either way.

  41. Jhongreys says:

    Im not a bragger I’m telling you what I’ve been told and fact I have a big package and if you think 8 inches is small no iffence your a slut but anyway I fit these descriptions I’m and overacgiever in oral I’m the relationship guy and I don’t ask for sex a gentlemen really never asks so lady’s don’t go off these as for a man with a small ‘one’ you could miss out on a perfect relationship

  42. wayne says:

    30 yo blk man…5 inches…it only gets worse as you get older for the small dick blk man. My last six hookups made comments. Ppl only get more creative with how they humiliate you. When a small black man has his pants down and his small manhood exposed he essentially has no power….no power at all. I go running when i get offered pussy or ass. You have to when youve been sending out dick pics all night and not getting responses. Kinky ppl over handjobs and even spankings. And i betta not hide my gfs dildo or i gotta be “talked” to. Having to take severely dissapointed hookups home after dropping muy pants Is becoming more and more frequents. Size queens verbally humiliate small dick black men to our face with no mercy….no mercy

  43. Zircona says:

    Haha this is so true. I made the mistake of falling for a guy with a small one. Had to backtrack quite quickly on realising I couldn’t feel him, no orgasms unless I touched myself. I’m sure there’s a girl out there for the less-than-sixes but it ain’t me x

  44. Don says:

    Sadly, this article is at the top of the search engines when I was genuinely looking for answers to a life not fully lived. Even though it’s all for “entertainment,” it does reinforce the fact that size does kind of matter. I’ve learned over time that women can be just as cruel as men. They also tell each other everything. The last two times I’ve been offered casual sex by women, I’ve turned it down because I know all of our mutual friends would know my secret. Okay, so maybe you can tell me to stop being so sensitive about it. We don’t need articles like the to reinforce an already confidence-crushing reality.

  45. Don says:

    One more note: this absolutely does increase anxiety when it comes to dating. Knowing that there are many women out there who do care about size reinforces the anxiety that eventually I’ll have to reveal my most vulnerable self to her. And if she’s anything like this author, she will be less than kind about it. That’s a wound I cannot afford to open… so indeed I will take it more slowly to ensure that she is a good person. I think the negative reaction here isn’t that the author speaks the truth, but that she is exactly the cruel person that I would want to avoid being vulnerable with.

  46. william says:

    Its Amazing how shallow and calloused most of the comments are on here…as well as the Women. I could see women having a negative attitude if the Guys were assholes and acting like King-shit…but from what i gather, most of these men have qualities that women complain their man “doesn’t’ have. A small guy just wants to be loved and respected just like women do. Women nowadays want their Cake and want to eat it too! Ya know us Men also Tolerate alot from women. Most women think that because they have a Vagina that they can take men for granted.Truth be told, Most women are today are 20lbs or more overweight, they dont take care of themselves…They have Fat sloppy Asses and cellulite…and Dont contribute Shit in the bedroom. Again because they think that since they have a Vagina they dont have to pull their half of the relationship weight! And we men tolerate it most of the time because we Love you! Even when your Vagina Stinks and we dont say anything! So next time you go to knock a guy about his size…step in front of a full-length mirror before you run your Mouth… and see what we see!

    • wayne says:

      Thats the thing. We dont have the power to say anything. Feminism is having a unique impact on small penis men. I see it in various ways being black and small. You have no negociating power. And she has the power to send me to jail if im not acting right. I can be getting clowned for having a small dick or being talked to as if im nothing or a child…cant do shit. Just have to take it. Had a girl do nothing to hide her letdown once i dropped my pants. Sat on my face. Stinky pussy

    • wayne says:

      And what really got me understanding this was having a GF who brought up my dick when i talked seriously about her weight. What can i really really really say when im the King of eating pussy and can work “wonders” on my woman witj her big dildo.

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