5 Signs He May Have a Small ‘One’

By TAMMY | Girl, Plz

Ever wondered what could be worse than getting a root canal? Well, how about waiting months upon months to have sex with a guy and you find out he has a small ding dong. Imagine starving for food and you look in the refrigerator, only to find there is nothing to munch on. The discovery of a small penis will have you crying in the corner reflecting on your past…your future… your hopes and dreams. I would say that all women have about four basic wants in a prospective boyfriend: nice job, nice looking, nice car, and nice penis. However, we all know a big penis trumps about two or three of those wants on our list. No, every man can’t have the “king of the jungle” waiting for you in his pants, but you must admit there is a part of you hoping to find one every time. Dealing with a guy with a small one is very sensitive territory and you don’t want to risk the chance of hurting his feelings. Trust me, you are not the first one to discover his “thing” is tiny. He knows, his ex-girlfriends know, and now, you know. Don’t make him feel like a spectacle. If you don’t discover his little friend until you are in the heat of the moment, it‘s too late for you, but for the rest of us there may actually be signs that reveal his “shortcomings” before needing to reach out to the SWAT (Small Weiner Avoidance Team.)  At the very least, its nice to be able to prepare yourself for the possibility (big or small.)

He is the “Relationship Guy”

In some cases, guys with small penises use relationships as crutches. They think that maybe if they are a really, really good boyfriend it will distract from his absentee penis. They take you on shopping sprees, cook you dinner every night, rub your feet and wash your clothes, all in the hopes that he will keep you around. However, he is deemed the “relationship guy” because he is always bouncing from relationship to relationship. Why? Well, let’s be honest. Think about the guy that you just can’t seem to get over. He was good in bed, wasn’t he? Exactly. The guy who is genitally challenged finds it hard to keep the women around.

All of His Exes Cheated on Him

Women cheat for one reason: she feels neglected. Either she feels neglected emotionally or sexually, and sometimes if the sex is good enough, the emotional factor can be omitted. After talking to a new suitor and you realize that all of his stories about his exes involve being cheating on, you may just be talking to a “Small Dick Tracy.” You’ll know if he has a really small ‘wang‘, if not only did she cheat on him, but with his best friend! Whether that is true or not, if all his exes cheated on him in the past, that definitely poses as a red flag.

He doesn’t Press You For Sex

Ever thought the man you were dating was such a gentleman, because he never dared ask you for sex? However, after a few months of being a gentleman, you were dying and pleading for him to ravage you like a beastly man. The small dick man has no problem withholding from sex, and can be famously quoted for saying “A gentleman never asks.” Even, when you are in a relationship with him and you’ve already seen what he has to offer, he still might hold back. Some guys are too embarrassed to whip it out and continuously feel inadequate. Hey, if you are a still around, try to make him feel more at ease, which will require you to initiate every time.

He’s the Bitch in the Relationship

As a rule of thumb, I’d say the smaller the penis, the bigger the emotions. Commonly, a man’s penis is so small, he starts to grow a vagina. Not really but, he’s fights so hard to maintain his manhood, his emotions start to fluctuate  and become irrational like he is on his period. Needless to say, the more unsatisfied you feel in the bedroom, you, the woman, has now become the man. You find yourself setting the rules, being the boss, and being insensitive to his feelings. Again no one pays me to make these assumptions, but I believe the bigger the penis the stronger the control on the household. However, when there are no penises present, the woman naturally takes the lead.

He’s a Oral Overachiever

Cutting straight to the point, men who aren’t well endowed in the pants, tend to be great at head. For example, people who have lost their eye sight, tend to have superb auditory skills. Well, the same goes for these types of guys. At times, all he may want to do is orally satisfy you, and then he is done, which is definitely a warning sign when first dating a guy. So, if in the first months he just ‘mouths you down’ and that’s it, you may have ran into ‘Mr. Smalls’. He’s using his tongue as a distraction, but don’t worry, that oral voodoo will tend to wear off.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog! “The smaller the penis the bigger the emotions.” lol

  2. says:

    I swear to God… “His penis is so small it starts to become a vagina.” is the worst most hilarious statement of this century untill you get to “mouths you down”! You are a hilarious a-hole, and a genius. I think the ladies will feel you twice over on this one. I know that there are men that won’t like it but hey you can’t please everyone right? hahahahaha! I’m still laughin’

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