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5 Reasons You Can’t Take Advice from your Friends

            If you take time to reflect, the relationship between a girl and her friend is probably one of the most stable interactions in her lifetime. Our friends are our supporters, stress relievers, confidants, sisters and in reality, they are our teachers. As a matter of fact, their most meaningful lessons have taught us that at times, you just can’t listen to a word they say, and unfortunately they don’t know how to mind their own business.  Let’s face it. As much as we love our girls, if we take every piece of advice that they dish out to us, we’d either be broke, alone, or fat. Depending on how much you’ve indulged in their “words of wisdom”, you’ll end up a combination of all three. Sometimes, what may have sound like excellent advice yesterday, turned out to be the worst possible action plan today. As an eye opener, here are a few reasons to rethink advice given by your friends. Fortunately for you, I am not your friend, and you can take my advice.

She is PMSing

I’m sorry to say but depending on the time of the month, your friend’s advice can go from brilliant to bitch at the drop of a tampon.  Sadly, not only do you have to track your own cycle, but you may have to track your friend’s cycle as well, just to receive some good advice.  The main reason you may want to think twice about going to this friend is simply because she is unhinged.  While on her period, she barely knows why she’s crying, hungry or raging mad and for that reason she definitely doesn’t know how to give reasonable advice.

She Experienced a Hardship

Never go to a friend for advice who is going through something herself. If she is having man problems, everything she says starts to make you think that your man is the one cheating on you. Although, you should be careful when anybody gives you advice, you do have to keep one ear closed when listening to a friend who lost her man, job, house, favorite lipstick, or all of the above. If you dare take her advice during these times, be prepared for when she is out of her funk, because her advice will flip on you like a pancake.

She is Jealous

Unfortunately, there comes a time in a gal’s life where she has to confront all the “fake” friends in her circle. She’s the type of friend that tells you to wear the black dress instead of the red dress, so that whatever she decides to wear would stand out more. She’ll tell you to break up with your boyfriend, because she secretly wants him for herself. This friend will give every piece of advice you shouldn’t follow until ultimately, she’s has everything she envied about you. Needless to say, think twice about the person you call friend, and what that friend advises you.

A friend of a Friend Gave Her Bad Advice.

My friend Shelia told me that her friend Rhonda’s friend said…” If that is what comes before the actual advice is shared, chances are she is trying to ruin your life. Seriously, who needs tertiary advice, anyway? You may be better off following advice from a guru from YouTube, rather than Sabrina’s best friend’s mother’s sister’s coworker. I’m just saying, don’t go there. You’ll be messing with a devil you don’t know, and end up with no one to blame.


She has a Long History of Bad Advice

            Of course you love your girlfriend, but man has she led you to troubled waters. Because she is your friend, you instinctively turn to her for advice and comfort.  Sadly, it was too late after that time she told you to slash your ex-boyfriends’ tires, which secured your seat in that jail cell last summer. Or, how much did you trust her judgment when she said you’d look cute with that buzz cut, as you spent many a lonely night without a man? Love doesn’t mean succumbing to bad advice. Stop listening to that girl!

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